• A Division of Carlisle | Wortman, Inc.

    “They brought a streamlined process for new development coming in. They drastically reduced plan review times.”

    City Manager


  • A Division of Carlisle | Wortman, Inc.

    “We’re very customer service focused and they just went lock step with our philosophy of being helpful and reasonable.”

    City Community Development Director


  • A Division of Carlisle | Wortman, Inc.

    “They know when to push and when they can take a step back. That’s very helpful.”

    City Community Development Director


  • A Division of Carlisle | Wortman, Inc.

    “Carlisle/Wortman Associates and Code Enforcement Services have my complete confidence in their ability to do the job on a long term or short-term basis.”

    Township Supervisor


Welcome to Code Enforcement Services!


Even knowledgeable builders and property owners can overlook or misunderstand building codes and code enforcement standards; others may willfully do so. Your building official and staff have to balance technical support, education and friendly customer service with fair, firm enforcement, often knowing that satisfying one person may dismay another.

Many municipal managers resolved those conflicting expectations by choosing Code Enforcement Services to supplement their existing staff or manage their building department entirely.

Our licensed, certified team members bring decades of experience to solve the full array of challenges faced by the 21st-century building department. They

  • Evaluate plans quickly
  • Provide consultation services that will give you confidence
  • Balance workloads
  • Provide a cost-effective alternative to services usually done in-house
  • Avoid conflict by only working with public sector clients
  • Guarantee objectivity and consistency