Plan review/construction code division

Our experienced, certified plan reviewers help communities reduce plan review backlogs, compensate for staff shortages, manage unique, large-scale or mixed-use commercial projects and meet urgent deadlines so the project can be built in a timely and efficient manner. Our construction code division staff can:
  • Administer building departments
  • Review construction documents to assure compliance with applicable codes
  • Consult with staff on code issues before, during and after construction
  • Conduct all necessary inspections, across all trades

Department administration

Communities sometimes struggle to keep pace with the ups and downs of building activity without compromising safety, municipal staff quality of life, customer service and efficiency. CES offers a customized solution for every community. As your agent, we assume responsibility for all building department services, so you can focus on other critical matters. We provide and manage staff in your offices and ours, delivering consistent hours of operation. We thoroughly coordinate our work with your internal departments. We can provide onsite staffing including department managers, building officials and administrative assistants.

Ordinance enforcement

The goal of a good enforcement program is compliance: Preventing violations instead of issuing tickets or citations. When ordinances are clear and are consistently enforced, most people will comply. Similarly, when construction documents clearly illustrate a compliant design, it’s easier for the builder/contractor and the inspector to produce safe structures.In collaboration with local officials, CES will develop a uniform and reliable program of enforcement serviceswhich can include:
  • Trained enforcement officers systematically investigating suspected violations of zoning and general nuisance (blight, junk cars, noxious weeds, etc.) ordinances and assuring mitigation
  • Site plan compliance and monitoring of construction activities
  • Inspections for compliance of approved site plans, subdivision plats, and other site development related activities
  • Training existing enforcement personnel
  • Enforcement audits to determine how effectively ordinances are currently enforced and implemented
  • Supervision of existing enforcement personnel
  • Fair treatment of all residents

Hazardous materials and fire suppression

We review all plans to address materials known to be flammable, combustible, oxidizing, unstable or toxic.  We review plans to confirm that they meet all codes including system type, hazard classification, hydraulic calculations, sprinklers and fire walls.